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How to lớn Fix Windows 10 Search Problems

You"ll use a lot of the same methods lớn fix problems with search as other minor errors. Here are some options to try và get the system baông chồng to work.

Cheông xã your network connectivity. If you aren"t connected to lớn the internet, Windows 10 search won"t work. Before you try anything more serious, make sure your network is functioning properly.

Restart your device. It"s basic advice, but there"s a reason it"s the first port of Hotline for most Windows errors—reboots often work wonders. If you haven"t tried restarting your device, bởi vì so now, as a simple reboot of the system flushes memory and disk-cađậy glitches that adversely affect system performance. It"s better lớn persize a restart than shut down too, as shutdowns occasionally skết thúc your Windows 10 PC inlớn hibernation mode.

Turn Cortana off và on again. Since Cortamãng cầu is so entwined with Windows 10"s tìm kiếm function, turning it off và on again sometimes corrects Windows 10’s file-search problems.

Run Windows Troubleshooter. Microsoft"s Windows troubleshooter may not be able khổng lồ fix every problem it comes across, but it can often send you in the right direction to lớn learn more or at least pinpoint what the actual problem might be. The same goes for problems with the Windows 10 search bar not working.

mở cửa the troubleshooter by opening the Start menu và going khổng lồ Settings > Update and Security > Troubleshoot > Search và Indexing. Cliông chồng the Run the troubleshooter button lớn go through the diagnostics.

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Verify the Search service is running. It"s possible the Windows Search service itself has been disabled for some reason.

Press Win+R to lớn open the Run window, then type “Services.msc” và press Enter.

When the Services window appears, scroll down the danh mục of services to lớn find Windows Search. If it"s already running, right-click it or tap and hold, then select Restart. Alternatively, if it"s disabled or has a blank Status, right-cliông chồng or tap and hold, then select Start.

Rebuild the Windows 10 tìm kiếm indexing options. It may be that Windows 10 has forgotten where certain files and folders are. To help it remember, rebuild its indexing options. Start by accessing the Control Panel in Windows 10.

Select Indexing Options from the main menu icons, & then click Advanced. In the Advanced options, Cliông chồng Rebuild.

The rebuilding process may take a short time lớn complete depending on the form size of your drive sầu and how full it is.

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If none of the above tips helped get your Windows 10 search bar working again, try some more advanced Cortamãng cầu helptips or opt for a full Windows rephối.

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