Be in place là gì

in (someone"s or something"s) place

1. Literally, in someone"s or something"s physical location. Hey, you"re in my place! You know I always sit here! You can"t put the television in the sofa"s place—it messes up the whole décor of the room!2. Instead of someone or something else; as a substitute for someone or something. Janet is really sick, so I"m going khổng lồ lead the meeting in her place. After our dog died, my parents got me a pet hamster in its place.See also: place

*in place

in (someone"s or something"s) proper place or location. (*Typically: be ~; put something ~.) The maid came inkhổng lồ the room và put everything inlớn place. It"s good lớn see everything in place again.See also: place

in place

1. In the appropriate or usual position or order. For example, With everything in place, she started the slide show. Also see put someone in his or her place. 2. In the same spot, without advancing or retreating, as in While marching in place, the bvà played six more numbers. See also: place

in ˈplace

prepared & ready: Everything seems to lớn be in place for a successful peace conference.See also: place

in place

1. In the appropriate or usual position or order: With everything in place, she started the slide show.

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2. In the same spot; without moving forwards or backwards: While marching in place, the band played a popular tune.See also: placeSee also:

fall in place

fall in place Also, fall into lớn place. Fit well; also, become organized. For example, With the last witness"s testimony, the entire sequence of events fell in place, or When the architect"s plans were complete, the construction schedule fell inkhổng lồ place. This idiom uses place in the sense of “proper position,” a usage dating from the mid-1500s.

hold…in place

keep… sticking together in the original place保持(原地)不动;固 定(在原地)The trees would hold the soil in place và prevent erosion.树林可 以固定土壤,防止侵蚀。

in place

in the correct position or location, available Be sure lớn have the money in place before you buy a house.

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in place of

instead of代替…;…而不…We use chopsticks in place of knives và forks.我们用筷子代替刀叉。I attended the meeting in place of John because he was sick.约翰生病了,所以我代替他出席了那次会议。

in place|place

in place1 adv. phr. 1a. In the right or usual place or position. Nothing is in place after the earthquake. Even trees & houses are turned over. The picture is not in place on the wall. It is crooked. 1b. In one place. Our first exercise in gym class was running in place. 2. In proper order. Stay in place in line, children. Compare: IN ORDER. Antonym: OUT OF place2 adj. phr. In the right place or at the right time; suitable; timely. A dog is not in place in a church. Lindomain authority wondered if it would be in place to wish the bride good luchồng after the wedding. Compare: IN ORDER1. Antonym: OUT OF PLACE.

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instead of|in place of|instead|place

also formal

run in place

run in place
Work or exert oneself without noticeable change or progress. For example, I"ve sầu worked on this project for months but feel I"m running in place. This idiom employs in place in the sense of “on one spot,” a usage dating from the late 1200s.
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