Onmyoji hangan cosplay wig

Based on the đánh giá of Onmyoji Aremãng cầu. Today, we are going to lớn give sầu you a đánh giá about a character on the game called Hangan.

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Game Preparation


For tòa tháp phối, the suggested sản phẩm is already enough, but maybe you want to change the last tác phẩm for

1. Mandala Sutra (Main Item)
Well, this công trình is mainly for roaming around and running around but well, the added Magic penetration will add more damage lớn Hangan skill.
3. Izanamày Scepter (Main burst damage item)
With izanami scepter, this tác phẩm will deal further damage to any paper thin shinigamày. With it, you will certainly be able to kill any assassins, mage, and marksman in a combo. Of course, it will all depends if you can hit the enemies with your second skill.

For the 5th công trình & 6th thành phầm i recommover you to lớn use Magic Penetration thắng lợi called Eight Trigrams, and the 6th item Sylph’s Harp. Eight trigrams so that he can khuyễn mãi giảm giá more damage to the tank, and Sylph’s harp passives that can gives some shield so that he can survive sầu more battle.


For Hangan Onmyodo, movement tốc độ is useful to lớn position your self in the game, & running away while roaming around. Magic Penetration for harder hit. Cooldown reduction for spam able skill. Mortality for increase damage, Feather sigil for late game damage & lastly the Purgatory is for poking the enemies while using your skill. It is also useful in the late game khổng lồ kill tanks.

Skill Combination

Because Hangan is a mage type shikigamày i recommend you khổng lồ take: Second skill stun, First Skill Passives, and Third skill Slow. After that max out your First skill Passives first, Second skill next and third skill last. Take ultimate whenever you can.

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Hangan is a sniper, which is why you don’t need to lớn go inkhổng lồ the battle lớn khuyến mãi damage. Just focus on stunning the enemies with your long range second skill and try khổng lồ l& a hit whenever you can. Area slow third skill is also useful for doing an area poke damage.

Here is the reason as lớn why i focus on taking the first skill passives. It is because a max skill passives will gives you additional 120 Abilities power which is pretty similar to a 2500 worth items, và it won’t even take an thành phầm slots. Additionally it will also boost up all of your skill at once. So by leveling up this passive’s skill you will be able to lớn khuyễn mãi giảm giá even more damage with your skill.

Hangan is a very hard lớn use, but if you can lvà his second skill stun. Then you will be able lớn bởi vì a massive sầu damage lớn any enemies. Focus on targeting your enemies with your first skill, hit anything even a minion / creeps because your first skill will khuyến mãi more damage to lớn the enemies behind the creeps. After that combo it with your second skill, & vị that again and again until you are certain that you can kill it with your ultimate. Don’t panic especially in a team fight. I know i have sầu and it didn’t vị me well.

He is best suited in a bot lane because of his passives. His passives will give hyên ổn additional life lớn his nearby allies, if they are dead. Meaning that they will get resurrected lớn their 5/10% health once, throughout the game. So it is your chance to help your allies by stunning them và killing them with your combo. (See the video above around 2 minutes – 4 minutes)

His skills bộ combo is the second skill stun > Third skill slow > Attaông chồng attaông chồng > stun again > Slow again > (HPhường Below 30%) Ultimate.

Never go into lớn a battle in the front, Poke your enemies with all of your skill, even by using your ultimate, because your ultimate has a low cooldown. Which makes it spam able every half minutes. Annoy your enemies with your stun and massive damage so that they will go back again và again halting their growth.

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So there you have it. The guide for Hangan. I hope that you guys will be fine with it and hopefully it had answer some of your question regarding the shikigangươi.

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