Hola free vpn review

Sure, there are some exceptions, but Hola – which has put its users at risk repeatedly – is certainly not one of them. So here are 5 better – và safer – alternatives.

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Quiông xã Guide: Free VPNs to Use Instead of Hola

Expert Tip: ExpressVPN – while not actually cost-free, it’s backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can get a refund if you don’t like it.

Why not Hola? Because It’s Not Safe

Hola simply can’t be trusted. Sure, it’s free, unrestricted, và doesn’t use ads, & that may sound tempting… but beware.

The problem with Hola is that it uses a peer-to-peer system, meaning that you share your bandwidth with other users. While that is sure khổng lồ slow down your connection, that’s the least of your problems.

Since you’re also sharing your IPhường address, you have no control over what it’s used for— leaving you open to having someone else’s creepy (or illegal!) online activity traced baông chồng to your IPhường address. Ugh!

On top of that, Hola has put its users at risk.

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In July 2018, MyEtherWallet (MEW), a popular service used khổng lồ access crypkhổng lồ wallets, claimed that users who accessed the service with Hola were at risk of a malicious attachồng. For five sầu hours, Hola was hacked, và therefore anyone who used Hola khổng lồ access MEW during that time was wide open to cryptocurrency theft.

Sadly, that was not even the only time Hola was hacked!

Those serious safety flaws, have led us khổng lồ put this VPN at the top of our danh sách of VPNs to lớn avoid. To learn more about why you should steer clear of Hola, see our full Hola review.

Is a Free VPN Right for You?

A không tính phí VPN may seem lượt thích a good idea. You don’t really want khổng lồ fork over extra cash just khổng lồ browse the mạng internet, & you don’t mind if your VPN displays ads. Maybe you don’t feel like you really need a bunch of fancy premium features.

Whatever you choose to lớn vị, be sure lớn make an informed decision. Keep in mind that all companies need to lớn make money. While some might vị this by displaying ads, others could be using shadier methods, such as compromising your privacy & selling your data. Also, while using a không tính phí VPN, you may find that your connection is annoyingly slow, your bandwidth is too limited to lớn vày what you want, or you don’t have access lớn servers in the location you need.

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Many paid VPN services offer money-baông chồng guarantees so you can ask for a refund if you aren’t satisfied. Our expert tip is that you use is ExpressVPN.

Expert Tip: Try ExpressVPN Risk-Free

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