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Note: This article corresponds only khổng lồ a locally installed FineReader program.

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Follow the instructions below to remove sầu a license:

Delete the license file. It has an extension *à located by the following path:C:ProgramDataonlineaz.vnFineReader\Licenses.Restart the FineReader Licensing Service:Press Windows+R buttons.Type services.msc và press Enter.Find FineReader Licensing Servicein the list of services.Right-cliông xã the service & selectRestartfrom the shortcut thực đơn.Start FineReader. The Activation Wizard will be opened & you will be asked for activation of the program.

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I need to move Fine Reader 12 from one computer to lớn another. I tried to follow your instructions in this article, but I still have problems with the new instalation on the new computer. If I try lớn use the same license code, it still says that this license is used on other computer. 

Can you help me, please? Can you somehow release license from the old computer?




Hi Petr, I have created a ticket and my colleagues will help you with reinstallation issue. Please note, that for a new PC you need a new activation code if you activate product via website or gmail.

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