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This page provides instructions for installing the SyncPlus Chrome Extension and configuration lớn enable 2 way liên hệ synchronization between Gmail contacts và

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Quiông chồng Steps for experienced computer users:

Enable the extension by opening an email in your Gmail, và pushing the Inhỏ in the upper right corner.Authorize SyncPlus to lớn read và write to your Gmail accountSign in from SyncPlus with your company’s VPS address và your user token

Installing SyncPlus for Gmail

Detailed Steps:

Trigger the extension by opening an email in your Gmail và clicking the icon in the upper right corner of the open tin nhắn. Left click “Authorize”.

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3. You will be asked khổng lồ choose your tài khoản. Select your work tài khoản tin nhắn address.

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5. Accept the permissions requested by using “Allow“.