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Looking for không tính phí download for thousands of games, apps, & software on your iOS device? Well, though there are thousands of apps available in the iTunes store, most of these apps are premium và require payment.

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So, will premium apps limit you from enjoying your device khổng lồ the fullest? Of course not! There are alternatives available if you haven’t heard about them. There are several third-buổi tiệc ngọt app stores present in the market, but there is no comparison of ứng dụng collection present on the Appvn phầm mềm.

About Appvn and it’s Features

Massively popular, Appvn is being used by Android & Apple device users across the globe. The best part about Appvn is that it is completely không tính tiền. Any paid app that is available in the iTunes store can be downloaded for không tính phí here. Here you can also find apps that have sầu been deleted from the iTunes store.

This tiện ích store can be used on any regular iOS device without jailbreaking it. Not just không lấy phí games và apps, you can also tải về free TV shows and ebooks from the iOS store of Appvn. This ứng dụng store is available for iPhone and ipad tablet devices working on iOS 9.1 & later versions.

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Download and Install Appvn iOS Without Jailbreak

1. Unlock your phone và go to the Safari Web browser.

2. Type appvn.com in the address bar & hit the action button.

3. This will take you to the Appvn trang web. You need to lớn wait until the website page loads completely on the device.

4. Scroll through the webpage till you come across two tải về buttons. Tap on the un-jailbroken button khổng lồ download Appvn without jailbreak.


5. Download the Appvn iOS app. Downloading may take some time depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

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6. Once the download is complete, you need to install the phầm mềm. You will see an installation dialogue box. Hit the “Install” button twice.


7. The app installation will start in some time.

8. As Appvn is a third-buổi tiệc ngọt app, it is not a trusted publisher and you will receive a warning message. You need khổng lồ change the setting of this publisher as trusted.

9. For this, go to lớn the Settings section on your device. Under Settings, go to General Settings and look for Appvn. Tap on Appvn và select Trust.


10. Now go lớn the Appvn inhỏ on the dashboard & tap on it. By mặc định, the tiện ích does not run in the English language, you need lớn change the language setting. To make the ứng dụng run in English, swipe right và go lớn the Settings option at the over.


11. Under Settings, phối your Preferred Language lớn English.

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The Appvn app has been successfully installed and is ready to use. Download unlimited games & apps on your iOS device with Appvn.

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