Upline pricing, alternatives & more 2021

Two important concepts in the direct selling industry take special relevance in the Multi-cấp độ kinh doanh và models of tiệc nhỏ plan where network structure is included in the compensation plan.

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These two concepts are downline and upline. Each person of the sales force in both the models is called a consultant, representative sầu or a distributor etc. The sales force is a part of a network that is constituted by the downline và Upline.

The idea behind network sale is that you could sell services, products, and packages by using word of mouth. This word of mouth can be achieved through face-to-face interaction or also with online social media.

The definition of these two concepts is actually straightforward. Still, the compensation plan structures can be perplexed, according to the company.

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The person who registers khổng lồ the company under you. You present the business to lớn your downline, và it is your duty khổng lồ help them in the business. On the sales of your downline products, you will get a commission.

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Well, the downline is the person registered under you. Meanwhile, Upline is the person that you registered.


Two categories of people have lớn be there working together to run the system well. It is the responsibility of the upline khổng lồ help the downline lớn get to lớn know the business well và guide them for success.

Multi-màn chơi marketing is also known as MLM, network sale, direct selling, các buổi party plan. It is a business in which a sales force sells products & services with word-of-mouth sale. The representatives or consultants are compensated by the sale of Services & products khổng lồ the customers and the sales made by other sales people they have sầu recruited.

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Other representatives generally earn a percentage of their recruits’ sales as consultant recruits. These recruits are known as downline distributors.

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