Amd's virtual super resolution

All of the descriptions I've read of the Virtual Super Resolution setting in Radeon Settings say it's an implementation of supersampling, but there is also an option under "anti-aliasing method" in the per-game settings titled simply "supersampling". Anyone know what the difference is between these two options?


They fundamentally achieve sầu the same idea.

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VSR creates a “virtual monitor” that has a higher resolution than your actual monitor. You can then select that higher resolution in-game, and let your graphics card scale it down lớn your actual monitor resolution.

Normally supersampling is handled by the game engine and is preferred over VSR. But VSR essentially adds a form of supersampling to games that vì chưng not natively support “true” supersampling.

Supersampling works only in DX9 games that support MSAA.The game's UI is still being rendered in native resolution. Meanwhile VSR is simply letting the game think that you have a higher resolution monitor, & everything, including the UI, is being rendered at a higher resolution, and the drivers scale it lớn your monitor's resolution. It works in nearly all games - except for games that don't tư vấn high resolutions.

The AA option only gets applied to part of the image and thus isn't as demanding as vsr, which is applied khổng lồ the whole image.

Depends on which AA you use, SSAA (formerly known as "FSAA", for "Full Scene AA") will apply on the whole picture... that's why it's the most taxing AA, every other form of AA are downgrades of SSAA which sample only selected areas of the picture.

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Basically, VSR is nothing but constant SSAA on everything (and not only games).

VSR provides superior image chất lượng khổng lồ antialiasing.

If you're using VSR, don't use any antialiasing methods. You'll have a much more crisp (blur-free) and jaggie-không tính phí game.

Link shows a stunning difference in image chất lượng, especially obvious in Bioshochồng example.

NoAA + VSR is the best.

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