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Visual Assist X dramatically reduces application development time with key new features và improvements lớn existing features in Visual Studio, allowing you to: Visual Assist increases automation, simplifies navigation and displays vital information as you develop. The features are so well integrated into lớn the IDE that it is difficult to lớn distinguish what Visual Assist X provides & what is built into the IDE. One thing is certain, you like your IDE more when Visual Assist X is installed.

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Visual Assist X provides assistance for all of the programming languages of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, including C/C++, C#, ASPhường, Visual Basic, Java & HTML. The product also offers assistance for C/C++ users of Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 và 5.0.- Develop new code faster with fewer errors.- Quickly underst& existing code.- Refactor existing code making it easier khổng lồ read & cheaper khổng lồ maintain.- Eliminate time spent searching by allowing instant navigation khổng lồ any file, symbol or reference.Visual Assist works seamlessly across all languages in your solution: C++ C# VBVisual Assist works in current & legacy versions of Visual Studio: VS2008 VS2005 VS2003 VS2002 VC6Over 50 time-saving features such as
- VA Outline new! allows you lớn navigate, organize and refactor code easily- Acronyms, Suggestions, VA Snippets help you create code faster- Enhanced Error Detection & Correction catches errors before you compile- Refactor easily in ALL languages- Enhanced IntelliSense và Hovering Class Browser help decipher complex code- Navigate easily to any tệp tin, method, or symbol- Find References faster in ALL languages- Enhanced Syntax Coloring helps you read code faster- And much more...Language SupportMost features of Visual Assist X work in all Microsoft IDEs and all programming languages. Several features are available only for specific languages, typically because they do not apply in some languages. A few features implemented for Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 are already part of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 và .NET.
Other uses of a VA Hashtag can be found with Gokhổng lồ (Alt+G) & Goto Related (Shift+Alt+G).

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VA Hashtags, unlike IDE bookmarks: Are named Move with code Are accessible in all solutions of a fileVA Hashtags, unlượt thích the IDE Task List: Need no configuration Are automatically available to lớn every Operate consistently across file typesIntroduce Variable is available in whitespace lớn automatically select expressions or capture return values of method/function calls.

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