How to wipe a computer clean of personal data

On Android smartphones và tablets, there is a special Recovery Mode thực đơn or just a menu recovery. This is a special device boot mode, thanks khổng lồ which you can rephối all settings or, say, install new firmware on the device & even other thực đơn recovery.

Here’s what Recovery Mode looks lượt thích on a Samsung smartphone:

To Gọi this menu, you need lớn vị a number of actions along with rebooting the smartphone. For example, on the Samsung Galaxy S3, the process is as follows:

Turn off your smartphone.Press the sound increase button, the trang chủ button and the smartphone’s power key at the same time.Release the buttons as soon as you see the menu recovery logo sản phẩm.

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Please note that the image of the stock Recovery Mode is shown above. There are also custom versions of the menu, they are installed by the user independently và can have a completely different look. As an example – TWRP Recovery:


There are several items in the menu recovery that raise questions from users. Let’s talk about some of them..

Wipe data / factory reset

When using Wipe data / factory remix, all applications and data are deleted (cabịt, accounts, applications, music, files, videos, etc.). It is usually used if there are any errors when using the device, or the smartphone or tablet starts lớn slow down, or the user wants to return the device to its original state và reset the settings. Use this chiến thắng carefully. If you decide khổng lồ rephối the data, vị not forget khổng lồ backup the necessary files first.

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Wipe cabịt partition

Wipe cabịt partition – this clears the cache partition. In this area, temporary files that remain after applications or updates are stored are stored. It is used, for example, if the smartphone is slow, or it starts khổng lồ slow down. In this case, uninstalling applications, unlượt thích the previous case, does not occur – only the cache, that is, formally using the Wipe cađậy partition thành tích, you vì not risk losing data.


It is also worth noting that the application cabít can also be deleted through the basic settings of the smartphone, for example:


Other types of thực đơn recovery

Some recovery menus have sầu additional items. For example, in Recovery Mode on Xiaomày devices, you can select additional cleaning modes, such as, say, Wipe SD Card – deleting data from a memory thẻ. And the look of the menu is completely different:


However, the menu view does not affect the menu recovery functionality in any way..

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Exit the thực đơn recovery using the Reboot system now nhà cửa (rebooting the device in normal mode).

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